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UNJ Right Hand Thread Plugs Aero/Mil/Govt-SAE AS8879
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The Gage Store specializes in Thread Ring Gages, & Thread Plug Gages to meet requirements for UNC, UN, UNF, UNEF, UNS & UNJ Style as well as Mil Spec, SAE & Metric Thread Gages. We deliver the very highest quality gauges for both Left Hand & Right Hand Threads for external threads (Thread Rings), and internal threads (Thread Plugs). Gages are manufactured in the USA by Vermont Gage. Certified and accredited by ISO & 17025.

Also available are thread gauges for Aerospace, Military & Government requirements; UNJ style including Mil-S-8879 & SAE AS8879, standard as well as custom & larger sizes. Among our large selection of standard thread gages you will find NPT, NPTF, NPSF and NPSM gages and BSPP & BSPT System 21, Acme & Buttress thread gages: including Go/NoGo Plain Plug Gauges, and Go/NoGo Plain Rings & Masters. Standard short Form Certificate of Accuracy, confirming compliance to ASME & NIST are included on all Vermont Gages. Long form Certifications can be provided.

Other measurement tools include micrometers, calipers, surface finish instruments, toolmakers microscopes & dial & digital bore gages from Mitutoyo and air probes & Air Rings from Western Gage. We will be happy to review your drawings or requirements and help you with the correct selection.

UNJ Thread Ring Thread Ring Setting Plug How to Set
Thread Rings
NPT L1 NPTF L1 Thread Gage
Mitutoyo Catalog
Mitutoyo Catalogs
Thread Ring Gages_Thread Plug Gauges_How to Use Thread Gages & Measurement Tools
SJ-210 Standard / 4MN(INCH/MM)

Mfr: Mitutoyo
Code: 178-561-02A
MSRP: $2,370.00
Sale: $2,250.00
Stereo Traditional Binocular MSM-400

Mfr: Mitutoyo
Code: 377-972A
MSRP: $1,120.00
Sale: $990.00
Stereo / Trinocular MSM-400

Mfr: Mitutoyo
Code: 377-974A
MSRP: $1,350.00
Sale: $1,190.00
High Accuracy 4 Step Binocular Microscope

Mfr: Mitutoyo
Code: 377-990A
High Accuracy 5 Step Trinocular Microscope

Mfr: Mitutoyo
Code: 377-991A
NEW Metric & UN Left Handed Thread Gages

Mfr: Vermont Gage
Code: Left Hand Thread Gages
Metric Thread Plugs & Rings

Mfr: Vermont Gage
Code: Thread-XXX
NPT Pipe Thread Gages

Mfr: Vermont Gage

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